She was an artist when it wasn’t acceptable for women to be taken seriously as artists.

She was a devoted wife when her husband wasn’t always worthy of her affection.

She was the schoolteacher who threw the textbook out the window.

She was a woman with a gift that trumped both culture and circumstance.

She was infatuated with nature, with line & with color.   

She was always true to her passion.

She was a legend.

She was Georgia O’Keeffe.

We here at Purl & Ply can’t help but feel a connection with the lady who painted many of her famous works right here in our own backyard.  Her story is one of passion, determination and success, and we decided there was not a better inspiration for our first color way collection.

Women are rising to take their rightful place as moms, wives, entrepreneurs and creators.  We are rising to become who we were destined to be—rising to answer the call that beckons to us day after day.  

We are widening the path that Georgia forged for us all.

We are rising. 

The six color ways inspired by O’Keeffe’s paintings—Petunia, No. 2, Purple Petunia, Holly and Larkspur, Poppy, Abstraction & Sweet Pea—are our tribute to the woman who broke through social conventions and norms.

She is our inspiration.