Knitting a Community

Sitting on the couch last night with our knitting group I couldn’t help but marvel at the silly conversation and laughter filling my living room.  Women, in various forms of repose, were relaxed, happy and creating all at the same time.  We talked about our children, our past and our dreams for the future.  We were free for these two hours—free from family responsibilities, free from domestic demands and almost free from our cell phones.   

A diverse group of women united by a love of yarn, our knitting group is so much more than just a knitting group.  We are a community of women who need to create and who need to be with other women who share that need.  We talk.  We listen. We encourage one another.  We share what we have and receive what we don’t—a symbiotic gathering of needles, yarn, laughter and sometimes even tears.

This lovely and thriving group of women was born from one knitter who needed a knitting friend, and so she taught me how to knit.  One stitch at a time, I created my first blanket and next came a hat and then a cowl.  The stitches turned into projects that in turn solidified our friendship.  We had so much fun creating together, that our non-knitting friends wandered into our knitting utopia hoping that they too might be able to learn.  And before we knew it, a knitting circle was born. 

So as the spring weather beckons us to our patios and porches, we encourage you to open your homes and hearts to knitting in the company of others.  Throw some cookies on a plate and brew some coffee (or open a bottle of wine).   Keep it simple.  Invite those who can knit and those who want to try.   Start knitting your own fiber community—even if only with one friend, and let it grow organically.  Who knows… one day your knitting circle may become larger than your stash. ☺