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  • A Crafted Experience

    We turn to hand crafted goods because we connect with the spirit that goes into anything created from the heart.  When I sit down to a unique and inspiring meal, it is more of an experience than simply eating what is before me.  When I pull out my hand crafted Italian driving mocs, I always pause to admire the patina that the leather has developed over the years.  I am connecting with the energy that the maker infused into their handiwork. View Post
  • Knitting a Community

    One stitch at a time, I created my first blanket and next came a hat and then a cowl.  The stitches turned into projects that in turn solidified our friendship.  We had so much fun creating together, that our non-knitting friends wandered into our knitting utopia hoping that they too might be able to learn.  And before we knew it, a knitting circle was born.  View Post
  • We here at Purl & Ply can’t help but feel a connection with the lady who painted many of her famous works right here in our own backyard.  Her story is one of passion, determination and success, and we decided there was not a better inspiration for our first color way collection. View Post